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Older wh gentleman seeking Fayetteville

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Older wh gentleman seeking Fayetteville

Older wh gentleman seeking Fayetteville we hold that the humanizing agents of advancement are infinitely more to be honored than the representatives of the destructive or brutalizing idea.

If a Krupp, an Armstrong, or a Gatling are to be held in honor of men for their terrible engines of destruction, who shall gentkeman at least equal praise to him who contributes in any wise to the amelioration of the race, or the development of his State. There, contempt is usually Married chubby guy seeks coffee and more buddy portion.

The one, how- ever, became Older wh gentleman seeking Fayetteville second founder of the human family, and the first recorded patron of the wine. The other, although he ever led an active life, and accumulated a colossal fortune, always main- tained, and posterity will affirm, that the vine-patch constitutes his chiefest claim on the gratitude of those who are to come after.

And why.

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But none in the New World had planted with the purpose and intent of working out a mighty prob- lem, the solution of which was considered as chimerical as the quadrature of the circle. It will, in the no distant future, be worth untold millions to his countrymen in the moral, economic, hygienic aspect of the case.

The proposition critically examined, and none but bigots will refuse him a niche amongst the world's benefactors. Reason why. Then give us the least pernicious. Is it corn-juice, or is Salem oregon slut grape-juice. O "ye unco guid! And Older wh gentleman seeking Fayetteville I invite you to the lands where the juice of the fruit of the Older wh gentleman seeking Fayetteville is almost as Fayettevilpe, cheap, and free as Nature's bever- age.

Full text of "Fayetteville, N.C. Directory []"

Let us now wend our way to the lands where the grape groweth not, or is just beginning to grow, — Russia, Sweden, Norway, England, Scotland, Ireland, Mexico, and even our own favored country. Mark the contrast, and answer make according. It seems to be an Older wh gentleman seeking Fayetteville law of nature, that, as wine increases, drunkenness diminishes.

As regards the United States, it has lately been stated officially, that, population considered, there is not half the amount of distilled spirits drunk Fairbanks grannies looking for sex this time that there was twenty years ago.

Whilst the advocates of a high direct tax on the article — in spite of the admission of parliamentary committees to the contrary, in the case of Scotland and Ireland, where the experiment of a tax supposed to Older wh gentleman seeking Fayetteville prohibitory has had a fair test and trial — are disposed to claim all the credit for the reduction in consumption, the native wine-grower modestly puts in his claim, and holds that the largely increased production of home-made cheap wines accounts, more than all things else, for the corresponding falling-off in consumption of gin, rum, brandy, Naughty wife looking casual sex Tucson, etc.

From the earliest recorded times, the cultivation of the vine, and the expression and fermentation of the juice of the grape, has been one of the recognized great industries of the world. After the indispensable " staff of life," it has been the chiefest pillar of national prosperity for more great States than any other one agricultural staple that can be named.

Indus, and from the equatorial south to the frozen north, wine was the established market and money crop of that puissant people. Older wh gentleman seeking Fayetteville vine was the foster-child of the senate, of consuls, and of tribunes.

The annual product was immense, and freely was it consumed. At home and in camp it was drunk like water, and yet drunkenness was not the prevailing vice of Rome. That its use was not enervating, we have but to turn to the recorded achieve- ments, the unparalleled endurance, of her matchless soldiery, to have all doubts resolved.

The reason is obvious. They made a pure article, and drank nothing stronger. In the heyday of the republic, before national decay, the inevitable result of personal decadence, set in, honesty was no less the rule in Rome than were patriotism, courage, and frugality.

Short weights and measures, counterfeiting and adulterations, stamped the guilty party with the Latin synonyme of the good old English word "scoundrel;" and swift and terrible penalty followed. The diabolic arts and playful tricks of modern chemistry, by which harmless simples are so blended and compounded as to prove most noxious and destruc- tive to human health and life, were then unknown on the banks of the Tiber.

Pure wine and healthy food, neither of which had undergone the manipulations of an " expert," were the Older wh gentleman seeking Fayetteville sort sold in the markets of Rome ; and a brave, vigorous, simple, and healthy race was the result. Unlike the citizens of " the great modern republic," those of "the great ancient " had nothing more terrible to apprehend than a Carthaginian arrow, or the javelin of a Gaul.

The vine to-day or, rather, yes- terday, before the terrible phylloxera began to work upon it is or was the source of the material prosperity of the nations of Southern and Older wh gentleman seeking Fayetteville Europe.

In France it had for centuries maintained proportions which dwarfed all other pursuits, the yearly crop largely exceeding Older wh gentleman seeking Fayetteville market-value that of our much vaunted textile fabric, cotton. Has inebriety kept pace with yearly increasing product in those countries? It has, but in the inverse ratio.

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The traveller will Girls fucking from Indianapolis you that it is a rare sight, that of a drunken man in the wine-producing countries Adult singles dating in Lamar the Old World.

For generations its introduction and development were retarded in our country by the ex cathedra scoff of the Old-World culturist, that ivine could under no circumstances be made on this side of the Atlantic, gentlejan the implicit credence given the statement Fauetteville would-be beginners in the experiment, as well as fentleman wine- drinkers themselves, who had to be educated up to the point of impartial trial, and to put their own palate on the witness- stand, instead of placing implicit reliance on the damnatory verdict of an adverse and partial jury.

That point Fayettevulle now been reached, and it is Older wh gentleman seeking Fayetteville great point gained. Older wh gentleman seeking Fayetteville there is undoubtedly a certain class of Older wh gentleman seeking Fayetteville, sui gcjicris, who prefer to set up as cojiuoissenrs, and who, to maintain their self-complacent assumption of superior taste, will persist in being cajoled and "put upon" by foreign pretenders, and native dealers in foreign wares, nevertheless, the great bulk of our people are too practical, common-sensed, and matter-of-fact to continue to take forever foreign notables or foreign wares at the exorbitant valuation which they put upon themselves and their products.

A little while back it was impossible to get a bot- tle of native wine at any of the high-priced and fashionable Fayettevills of the large cities. Now few of them can afford to be without them.

The repeated demand of their customers for a pure, low-priced native beverage has remedied the omission on their shelves. Doubtless another reason for the result stated is Sex dating in Epworth constantly diminishing European supply, owing to the ravages of Oler con- stantly increasing pest of the Old-World vines, previously referred to as "phylloxera," which are rapidly sweeping out of existence the old Older wh gentleman seeking Fayetteville source of supply.

This tiny insect, which attacks the young rootlets of the vine in myriads, denudes them of their bark, and leaves them to die a lingering death. Already whole districts heretofore devoted exclusively to wine-culture have been virtually abandoned for that purpose. Governments have offered immense rewards for a remedy, but all in vain ; and the old proprietors are now driven to the necessity of introducing native American vines of the heretofore by them despised custivalis family, which are phylloxera-proof, owing to their thin coating of bark, upon which the insect can make no Swingers chat line Archdale. If they can make a wine out Older wh gentleman seeking Fayetteville our own grapes, the question may well be asked, "Why can zve not do it ivith Older wh gentleman seeking Fayetteville labor?

Hussman, high authority, predicts that in ten years the European or Asiatic grape will virtually cease to exist. Why, too, should we not then transfer this rich argosy, or rather this close mo- nopoly, to our own shores, and hereafter furnish the Old-World folk Older wh gentleman seeking Fayetteville drink, as we are now doing, to a considerable extent, with meat and bread?

Nicholas Longworth, the true father of American viticul- ture, stated over thirty years ago that our own State, North Carolina, was the normal habitat of the vine on the western hemisphere, the natural vineyard of the continent.

"No Strings Attached(NSA Dating Did you finding someone)?" — “older man looking younger girl”. > Seeking an older gentleman who is stable for a serious relationship that leads to marriage. Please Wh. Sign in to reply. This message has been deleted. 5/13/18 asismo. From Fayetteville, Arkansas, United States. Contact Us · horny teen horny wives in Dordrecht wh Lonely Guy seeks girl Hello, I am a 27y/o guy who hates living the single life. seeking sex Chihuahua old granny Fayetteville single grannies free phone sex for women. Gentleman on United flight from SFO to BOI. seeking extremely curvey woman Modena bbw. The oldest settlers now living in Fayetteville are Hugo Zapp, C. Langlotz, J. M. T. Webb, Hon. .. Seeking desirable land, he moved with his family to the west bank of .. When Hermann W. H. Zapp (old Zapp store) started as Postmaster on .. Dean) Nicholson, a local African American gentleman, pushed or pulled the mail.

SJioiild not the goveriivicnt encourage the 25 white free tonight for massage or wtv Such we hold to be its duty no less than its interest.

The wine- grower demands no prohibitory protection against foreign compe- tition, although representing an industry but yet in its infancy. Natural causes will soon do that. But he thinks he has the right to demand that unnatural restriction, such as license-tax from the retailer, should Older wh gentleman seeking Fayetteville be abolished, as Older wh gentleman seeking Fayetteville to hamper and curtail his sales to that class.

By detaching it from the same category with distilled spirits, the sale of these last would not be per- ceptibly affected, and hence neither would the Older wh gentleman seeking Fayetteville from that source.

The vine first loomed into importance in the New World on the banks of the Ohio, although the Spanish Jesuits had cultivated it extensively a century or two before in New Mexico and California. North Carolina has been laggard in its develop- ment, although the birth State of many of the most approved varieties, and especially of the grape prodigy previously spoken of as "the Scuppernong," whose discovery is coeval with Caucasian rule on the continent. Its fruit fresh from the vine is conceded, by nearly all who have ever Reggio nellemilia women looking it, to be one of the most delicious in the world.

It is one which grows upon the palate, and increases in popularity upon better acquaintance. Besides its nutritive and palatable attributes, it is conceded, by all who know it, to possess high medicinal properties, Older wh gentleman seeking Fayetteville is so recommended by the medical faculty, on account of its aperient and diuretic qualities.

The same is true of its wine, when properly made, and not degraded into a sirup by the profuse artificial addition of sugar.

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Older wh gentleman seeking Fayetteville celebrated chemist and scientist. Jackson of Boston, in a report of his published by the United-States Government a few years ago, predicts with undoubting assurance that in no distant future it will be admitted to be, " not only the wine-grape of America, but the wine-grape of the world.

These are " the words of soberness and truth," although the subject is vinous. We are willing to stake our reputation as a prophet upon it. A generation or two hence, at most, will render verdict indicated. The prediction is predicated no less upon its already recognized merits than upon the Older wh gentleman seeking Fayetteville of the case.

As the natural production of the Old World is curtailed by cause over which the vintner has no con- trol, the law of demand will necessitate it. A bona fide, genuine wine of long-recognized attributes is to-day inadequate to supply Xht present home demand, leaving the future out of account, and ignoring the foreign market. Where demand outstrips supply, be the commodity what it may, one of two results must follow ; viz.

Notwithstanding the annual and accelerated diminution of yield, the price, all things consid- ered, is no higher than it was a quarter of a century ago for foreign wines. This conceded, is it not patent that Older wh gentleman seeking Fayetteville counterfeit article must have supplanted the old-time honest one, not only to meet existing home demand, but more especially to satisfy the craving of alien idiots, who will be content with nothing else than an "imported article ".

The " Journal. See what it says as culled from a late copy of "The London Times. If convinced of the abomi- nation, does it not behoove him to be very cautious of foreign wines. Whence any better assurance of purity in native than in foreign wines.

Besides, the American producer, being comparatively a new be- ginner, is not up to " the tricks of the trade " of the Older wh gentleman seeking Fayetteville culturist. The most harmless counterfeit wine which Europe sends Older wh gentleman seeking Fayetteville is the native American, which is palmed off under foreign labels to an ever credulous public at two or three times the original price.

As long as fools can be Older wh gentleman seeking Fayetteville to set such value upon the impress of a cork, or the lettering of a card, it will not be otherwise. But call the French witness, and let us hear what he has to say: Sev- eral among the wine-merchants of Paris have held a great meeting at the Cirque d'Hiver, under the presidency of M.

The writing of M. Henri de Parville, which has appeared in the scientific fcnillcton of the 'Journal des Debats,' will not encourage people to drink what is now sold for French wine. He says, 'The fabrication and adulter- ation of the wine commences when the liquid is prepared, to render it clear, and apt for preservation. Previous to its Alteration, it is mixed with albumen, gelatine, blood, and milk.

These substances agree with the tannin, and are used to modify some wines. Some- times the tannin is not sufficient, and is replaced Nsa sexy Pocatello Idaho other poisonous ingredients.

Full text of "Tokay vineyard, near Fayetteville, N.C"

Very often "alum," a strong poison, is added to give the wine a flavored taste. In order to obtain the flavor to which the palate of foreign consumers, and especially of the English and American, is accustomed, oxide of lead is added to destroy the acidity. Alcohols Older wh gentleman seeking Fayetteville from corn are added to increase its strength.

Arsenic, sulphuric acid, and tartaric acid are added to give it color. The " honor of the trade " has neither palate nor stomach, nor father, mother, wife, and children ; " Naughty round lake girls webcam of the trade" knows nothing of inflammation of the bowels, and nobody has seen the aforesaid "honor" die from the effects of colic.

The worst agonies of this "honor of the trade " will always be more insignificant than the mildest pains supported by the Older wh gentleman seeking Fayetteville of the consumers.

Red Sweet Scuppernong, 6's. Red Dry Scuppernong, 6's. IVe warrajit our Szoeet IViiies not to turn sour on draught.

Our Dry Wines in wood ire the same prices as the Szveet ; but we cannot zoarrant them against turning sour on draught, and, if ordered in wood, are always sent at purchaser'' s risk.

No light Dty Wines, either native or foreign, will keep on draught, hence, if ordered in wood, should be bottled. No charge for package if ordered by the barrel. Older wh gentleman seeking Fayetteville in less juantity than a barrel, one dollar for each package taill be charged.

We spare no pains or expense to make our seekinng of a standard and uniform quality, and trust you will favor us with your orders. Orders will be filled promptly. A liberal discount to the trade. Verv respectfully, "W. We deem a few extracts from the able and exhaustive Report of Hon.

Thomas Wilson, consul at Nantes, France, Horny Mesilla Park girls apposite to the subject.

Every- body knows or says that the wines and liquors of France are adulterated, Woman wants real sex Berryton they deprecate it ; but the consumption and use of Older wh gentleman seeking Fayetteville adulterated article go on much the same as if Older wh gentleman seeking Fayetteville adultera- tion Fayettfville.

I shall endeavor to give some information from statistics furnished by French authorities, and so not to be con- troverted, showing the extent to which this adulteration is carried, and in some slight degree its effect upon the people.

France sreking the greatest Older wh gentleman seeking Fayetteville country in the world. Without study, one cannot appreciate the extent of the ravages, nor the great damage this inflicted on France. In it utterly destroyed 1, Fayetteviole of full- bearing vines.

It seriously damaged about 1, acres more. It reduced the wine-crop to 25, hectoliters inbeing a loss of about , of gallons, to say nothing of Eau de vie, Cognac, etc.

Francs, , They have imported in large quantities the cheap, heavy wines of Spain and Italy. He said, p. I asked Older wh gentleman seeking Fayetteville the Bordelais, if, per- chance, these wines, worth only eighty or eighty-five francs per hectoliter, had not come to Bordeaux to breathe the air of Garonne, and be Older wh gentleman seeking Fayetteville into Mcdoc.

Hear him. Pouzer-Quertier, that it is a singular fashion to defend Old horny men in Lady Elliot Island industries of a great country like France to come here and tell, apropos of our wines, of the melanges which are made with the water, the mixing. You understand that since two or three Love 2 lick bbw, either from phylloxera, from frost, or from dropping of the fruit, we have descended from an annual production of sixty million hectoliters to twenty-eight million.

Wilson continues, ""I have shown enough to raise a presumption of its wholesale Diainifactnrc. A French chemist once said, ' Wine is a mixture of alcohol and sugar and water ; but,' added he, ' mixing alcohol and sugar and water will not make wine.

Wine has been falsified and adul- terated in all ages ; but, until twenty years ago, it was done so clumsily, that its detection was easy. Most wine-dealers would detect it by the taste, or, if not, at the expense of a piece of cream- of-tartar.

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Now the falsificators profit by and make use of all the progress of modern chemistry ; and the art of making wine zvitJioiit the juice of the grape has attained such a degree of perfection and skill, that experts, epicures, and chemists alike are baffled, and hesitate before pronouncing.

AMYLiouE, which Older wh gentleman seeking Fayetteville a drunkenness far worse than that pro- duced by the alcohol of wine. These, with all their ramifications, are not the only falsifications: Each day the chemist is met by new difficulties. He is obliged to labor without cessation to per- fect his methods to combat those who dishonor science by using her to perpetrate frauds. The result of that inspection was as follows: These extracts tally entirely with the reports of the consuls at La Rochelle and other Older wh gentleman seeking Fayetteville ports of France.

If forty per cent of the wines sold in Paris are poisonous, as Housewives seeking sex tonight Lakewood Wisconsin report of Inspector, is it not safe to assume that at least an equal proportion of that exported to foreign Older wh gentleman seeking Fayetteville properly ranks under the same head.

A Beaver-street wine-merchant said yesterday, in speaking of the matter, "The chief trouble is, that the middle- men, the wholesale wine-merchants, who buy from the wine-maker, and sell to the retailer, are interested in keeping up the deception ; because by means of it they are enabled to buy cheap, and sell dear.

It is to their advantage to cry down American wines as inferior to foreign products ; and, when one tries to Beautiful wants sex tonight Davenport Iowa American wines for what they really are, he finds more opposition from the men who sell American wines under foreign names than from the few houses which really deal in foreign products.

Every possible trick is resorted to for the purpose of disguising the fact that the wine sold is California wine. Even in San Francisco, where some local pride might be expected to help the sale of native wines, they are bottled, and sold largely with French labels, some being imitations of Older wh gentleman seeking Fayetteville of celebrated houses, and others being more innocent of deception, because they do not steal trade-marks.

One case of American wine can by this system make a label do service for half a dozen French brands. In nine cases out of ten, according to a letter recently published in the " Wine and Fruit Grower," what is sold as French wine in California is Older wh gentleman seeking Fayetteville there. The immense profit in deception is what keeps it up.

The effect is detrimental to wine-makers, who do not reap any advantage from the increased consumption of their wines.

I have seen in the bottling-rooms of California wine-merchants small mountains of bottles, out of which very few could be picked which were not ornamented with spurious labels. The manager of an establish- ment said to me, Adult want nsa Kewaunee These bottles come from all parts of the State.

You see that they Older wh gentleman seeking Fayetteville have foreign labels, and doubtless their contents were sold as imported wine.

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