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Representations of Gender in Malay Society.

Radcliffe-Brown, Alfred. The Andaman Islanders. Cor Press. Redfield, Robert. Tepoztlan, a Mexican Village: A Study in Folk Life. Rappaport, Roy. Ecology, Meaning, and Religion. North Atlantic Books. Ridgeway, Cecilia L. Robbins, Joel. Becoming Sinners: Rosaldo, Michelle. Woman, Culture, and Society: A Theoretical Overview.

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Women, Culture, and Socety, 17— Reflections on Feminism and Cross-cultural New to Bloomington 26 stud lookin for homies. Rosaldo, Michelle and Louise Lamphere, eds. Woman, Culture, and Society. Faith and Emergent Masculinities Samuel, Geoffrey. Schneider, David. Kinship Studies in the Morgan Centennial Year, The Anthropological Society of Washington. A Critique of the Study of Kinship. Ann Arbor: University of Michigan Press.

Scott, Joan W. A Useful Category of Historical Analysis. Gender and the Politics of History. Columbia University Press.

The Fantasy of Looking to end the weekend with a bang History. Seidler, Victor Jeleniewski. Young Men and Masculinities: Global Cultures and Intimate Lives.

Urban Fears and Global Terrors: Shotwell, Alexis and Trevor Sangrey. Gendering through Interaction and Relational Selfhood. Singerman, Diane. Silverman, Eric Kline. Masculinity, Motherhood, and Mockery: Smilde, David.

The Case of Conjugal Relations. Religion 27 4: Reason to Believe: Cultural Agency in Latin American Evangelicalism. Smith, Jonathan Z. Map is Not Territory: Studies in the History of Religions. Somers, Margaret. A Relational and Network Approach. Soothill, Jane. Gender, Social Change, and Spiritual Power: Charismatic Christianity in Ghana.

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Tambiah, Stanley J. Buddhism and the Spirit Cults of Northeast Thailand. Magic, Science, and Religion, and the Scope of Rationality. Lewis Henry Morgan Lectures.

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Turner, Victor. The Forest of Symbols: New to Bloomington 26 stud lookin for homies of Ndembu Ritual. The Ritual Process: Structure and Anti-structure. Conversion Narratives and Born-again Masculinity in Zambia. Transforming Masculinities in African Christianity: Verkaaik, Oscar. Migrants and Militants: Fun and Urban Violence in Pakistan. Weber, Max. The Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism. Weston, Kath. Families We Choose: Lesbians, Gays, Kinship. Whitehead, Stephen M. Willems, Emilio.

Followers of the New Faith: Vanderbilt University Adult Personals Kaneohe chat lines. Wolf, Margery.

Women and the Family in Rural Taiwan. Wuthnow, Robert. The Restructuring of American Religion: Sharing the Journey: Free sex in Vancouver or teens Rapids: Being a member of a gang seems to me to be inherently dangerous and whereas carrying a knife is protection from rival gangs, this might lead to prosecution. Having a dog as protection is seen as a better strategy and came with the additional advantage of conferring status.

Because there was soon a demand for such dogs inevitably the indiscriminate breeding followed, with exactly the same kind of problems associated with the indiscriminate breeding of the Staffordshire bull terrier crosses.

In addition to the pit-type dog New to Bloomington 26 stud lookin for homies large dogs such as the dogue de Bordeaux, bull mastiff, rottweiler, Japanese akita and others became very popular as large protective dogs. None of these dogs in the right hands poses a problem. In the wrong hands, they can be lethal, especially if trained, as many are, to be aggressive.

Apart from protection and, at the extreme end of the cruelty spectrum, the large dogs were used by some individuals to attack people and commission crime such as muggings.

From a veterinary perspective I noticed that when any of these dogs were injured or diseased there was frequently an unreasonable delay, days to weeks, before veterinary advice was sought, leading to prosecutions. My thoughts on the underlying causes of the problem were entirely to do with the owners not the dogs, which exposes the illogicality of trying to ban specific breeds.

Indiscriminate breeding of dogs by poorly educated young people New to Bloomington 26 stud lookin for homies undeclared profit is a major driver of the problem. As this is occurring predominantly in socially deprived areas of major cities such as London, what are social housing providers doing about their properties being used to breed dogs?

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Do they have tenancy agreements? And are they enforced? Why are these young people failing New to Bloomington 26 stud lookin for homies education system? Many of New to Bloomington 26 stud lookin for homies can New to Bloomington 26 stud lookin for homies read. Why is this? It seems obvious to me that these young people, especially if they are born into poverty, are destined to lead blighted lives from the moment they are born.

They are on a conveyor belt of social and educational deprivation from day one. There is plenty of evidence of woefully inadequate parenting. The government is, or should be, well aware of this; ministers need only read the Find a fuck Irvona Pennsylvania Allen Review,1 Februarywhich advocates early years intervention.

In order to convince politicians of the complexity of the problem, it is no use people like me continually harping on about the scale of the problem, as I think they are aware of it. What is needed now is scientific evidence as to the underlying causes and an assessment as to whether my analysis is correct.

This book by Simon Harding, a practitioner and criminologist, is based on careful evidence collection from individuals causing the problem and additional original research. He sources the existing relevant evidence and for the first time collates this in one document. It should be read by anyone who wants to understand the phenomenon of status dogs, to make a difference and to do something about the malaise afflicting certain segments of society.

This malaise is leading to blighted lives and animal cruelty, both of which are totally unacceptable in a modern, developed country such as ours. The next steps. The park is contested territory between local gang ABM and a rival gang, pronounced O-traywhose members are New to Bloomington 26 stud lookin for homies from neighbouring SW8. The two gangs had been rivals for the previous two years or more. Rivalry between the two groups sometimes precipitated a shoot-on-sight policy.

Infive young men aged between 15 and 23, each with links to one of these two groups, were murdered in the local area, with a further young man dying in Bytensions between ABM and were high. Two aggressive dogs accompanied the gang: Having spotted Seyi and his friends, and recognising them as ABM members, the gang chased the boys across the park.

The other dog caught up with year-old Hurui Hiyabu and attacked him on the ground. Both boys were then attacked by the dogs and bitten on the legs. During this time, the pursuing gang caught up with both boys and began stabbing them repeatedly. Hiyabu was stabbed nine times and survived. Despite emergency surgery at the scene, he died shortly afterwards.

Two other friends of Seyi were also bitten and attacked, while one was stabbed in the attack but survived. The Adult dating Tobyhanna Pennsylvania 18466 ran off, although a few minutes later a smaller group returned with one of dogs to watch the events unfold.

His dog had apparently been mistakenly stabbed during New to Bloomington 26 stud lookin for homies incident. Shane Johnson and Darcy Menezes were also arrested and charged with murder and attempted murder. Tyson had previously been microchipped and insured by Chrisdian Johnson, thus confirming him as owner. It was also established that in Septemberseveral months previously, Johnson was issued with a court order under the Dangerous Dogs Act DDArequiring that Tyson be leashed and muzzled at all times in public.

The dog was placed on the Index of Exempted Dogs, thus saving it from destruction. The second dog, Mia, had also been involved in a previous attack on an year-old boy in the same park several months earlier, resulting in the boy needing hospital treatment.

No action was taken against Mia or the owner at the time. A metre trail of blood led from the scene where the injured dog had been carried away. Johnson was convicted of murder and attempted murder and was jailed for life with a minimum sentence of 24 years. Darcey Menezes was cleared of all charges, though acknowledged to have been present at the time.

Detectives claimed this was the first time that it had been proven in court that dogs were used as weapons. Some three months after the Larkhall Park murder Lambeth police launched Operation Navarra, a series of raids on properties in the borough known to house aggressive or dangerous dogs.

This event both shocked and intrigued Londoners. How could such a thing happen? Regional media increasingly covered the incident. Regional media began to pick up the story and airwaves and newspaper columns began to fill with the views of anxious dog owners and dog walkers keen to suggest this was an incident waiting to happen.

They talked anxiously about rising number of pitbulls and other aggressive dogs regularly seen in parks and open spaces, often used by young men to intimidate their rivals and the general public. There was also, as in this case, a perceived link to violent urban street gangs, a relatively new phenomenon currently evolving in London.

New to Bloomington 26 stud lookin for homies I was already undertaking ethnographic research into such gangs in south London, this tragic incident caught my attention and I too began to ask similar questions: Thus began a two-and-a-half year investigation into the topic of status dogs.

The new phenomenon of status dogs A new issue for social policy and community safety has emerged in recent years in the UK Woman wants real sex Maiden the US.

These breeds now come with a negative PR that is not only embraced and coveted, but is also seductive and impressive to some. For many, these dogs are frightening and a threat to public safety. The public, practitioners and the media have branded the dogs a menace and the media has generated debates about the aggressive nature of both the dogs and their owners.

These aggressive breeds have entered the public consciousness in many ways and are highly visible on streets, in parks, and in contemporary culture. In examining this phenomenon, there are several aspects to consider: Is the issue real or simply a media construction? Why are some breeds favoured as status Central minnesota strip clubs What motivates them to use dogs in this way?

The topic of status dogs raises many questions and straddles a strange middle ground at the convergence of sociology, criminology, social policy, animal welfare and human—animal relations. Falling between so many disciplinary stools has probably inhibited the take-up of this issue in Housewives seeking sex tonight Isleta New Mexico of academic research, and thus it has, until now, largely been addressed at practitioner level.

This book attempts to address these issues by pulling together the disparate strands New to Bloomington 26 stud lookin for homies this confusing picture. The focus is on aggressive bull breed dogs used by young people to New to Bloomington 26 stud lookin for homies status and not on the pampered pooches of celebrities.

Chapter Two considers how this issue came into being. After looking at the traditional role of dogs in society, it examines the changing fortunes of the pitbull in the US, providing a useful lens for examining the emergence of status dogs. It acknowledges the reputational qualities of dogs as being central to how status dogs are conceptualised, and critiques the DDA in the UK while assessing its impact.

Chapter Three considers the role of the media in the social construction of the status dog and weapon dog. It offers a definition of these terms before assessing New to Bloomington 26 stud lookin for homies issue from the perspective of cultural criminology. Central to this chapter is a critical discourse analysis of UK media, which offers insight into media portrayals of New to Bloomington 26 stud lookin for homies dogs.

Comparative analysis from the US provides further insights. The chapter also introduces the concept of commodification of animals, and intrinsic and extrinsic ownership, noting that animal cruelty and breeding are central to discussions of status dogs. Chapter Four considers the sociological perspectives underpinning motivations for gaining status. It examines the reputational brand values of dogs and proposes a motivational typology and spectrum based on the different social fields and functional uses of dogs.

A key motivation is the desire for owners to acquire street capital, which permits social advancement. The overarching backdrops of hip hop and the valorisation of dogs within this culture is also reviewed. These findings suggest the issue of status dogs is both widespread and recognised by the public.

Chapter Six looks at the topic of dog fighting, and its recent resurgence as a cultural activity in the US and the UK. It examines evidence of its existence, presenting a High-view-WV woman seeking couple of the different levels of dog fighting and arguing that this typology, developed in the US, fits the current situation in the UK.

The increased prevalence and visibility of status dogs has led to increased visibility and anxiety among members of the public, specifically with regard to their safety in public and open spaces. Chapter Seven considers the implications of the status dog phenomenon for the users of parks and open spaces. Chapter Eight examines in detail how the police and criminal justice Adult singles dating in Neosho falls address this issue, navigating a tricky route between public opinion and legislative New to Bloomington 26 stud lookin for homies that at times appear to militate against effective solutions.

Good practice is, however, evident. The second part of the chapter details the policy and project responses currently being implemented and developed by local authorities, animal welfare agencies and local and regional government.

The chapter closes with a look at proposed legislative changes. Finally, the conclusion summaries the key points and offers some observations for possible solutions. The appendices hold additional factual data pertinent to the discussion but may only appeal to those seeking the detail. In places interpretations are given. Notes 1 Brian Altman QC, prosecuting counsel.

Regina vs Chrisdian Johnson and Shane Johnson. Old Bailey. Transcript of stenograph notes of Wordwave International Limited.

Crown copyright. In researching status dogs and weapon dogs aggressive dogs used to deliberately intimidate or threaten or harm othersit is not viable simply to enquire whether such dogs exist or whether someone owns one.

Nor is it possible to enquire through interviewing if an owner uses their dog to give them status. It is only possible to determine whether certain people are attracted to or favour certain breeds and then whether certain breeds are used in specific ways by different individuals. Where a dog is used as a weapon or is seized under current legislation, it may be possible to identify the owners offending history or links to criminals or gang activity.

Suffice to say that this line of enquiry did indeed produce some interesting results. A further challenge in conducting this research is how to differentiate between ordinary and aggressive dogs, and between family pets and status dogs or weapon dogs?

This question suggests that owing or possessing an aggressive dog or New to Bloomington 26 stud lookin for homies dog for that matter has a prime and latent function see Chapter Four. Establishing the primary and latent function of ownership is, however, also problematic, as these functions may not always be acknowledged, admitted, recognised or understood by respondents.

The obvious route to obtaining primary data is through qualitative interviews with status dog owners, but this is not straightforward. Either way, subsequent coding and analysis will require further subjectivity and so is inherently biased.

It is thus only possible to draw broad conclusions from qualitative interviews, for example in general, people with these breeds presented as x, y or z. Such conclusions can be strengthened when combined with participant observation of the dog and the relationship between the owner and the dog in a public situation. This then means conducting interviews in public spaces where people interact with their dogs a key methodological point missed by Maher and Pierpoint, These issues are discussed in the following section.

Researcher safety Conducting research into ownership of New to Bloomington 26 stud lookin for homies dogs that may be used as weapons or to convey status brings implicit safety considerations for any researcher.

While most people would be happy to talk about their animals, this is not necessarily the case with owners of aggressive dogs. Several interviews were terminated when it became clear I was not welcome.

On three occasions, I had evidently interrupted a drugs transaction and on one occasion a pending confrontation. I was conscious of potential threats, realising that violence could come from either owner or dog. Suffice to say that on a few occasions I felt intimidated and under threat. On one occasion, I was caught between two dogs as they set off against each other. Informed consent Informed consent is another key ethical consideration.

This is the provision for respondents to be advised that they are being invited for interview and that they may choose not to participate. This process was adopted over that of covert interviewing, as the latter would have increased the potential risks to me as interviewer. This adopted method did, however, result in a high number of refusals to participate. Research locations Sourcing individuals for interview also threw up New to Bloomington 26 stud lookin for homies issues.

The research locations chosen may introduce bias to the sample of respondents. Two key locations were selected — outside the Harmsworth Animal Memorial Hospital and in a range of suburban parks.

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All sites were visited on numerous occasions over a nine-month period in Interviews Bloomingfon public transport were achieved at random. Interviews on social housing estates took place with residents rather than with dog owners. To fully explore the phenomenon of status dogs, Free sex dates Talbott triangulated research method was established containing the following elements: The study was New to Bloomington 26 stud lookin for homies over a two-year period, from April to April For the purposes of this research, Dolbeau-Mistassini porn uploads wap or status dogs were identified as bull breeds including cross-breedsmastiffs and legally proscribed dangerous dogs.

Literature review The starting point for New to Bloomington 26 stud lookin for homies research was to undertake a literature review of academic writing, books, articles and scholarly papers. Searches were done for both the UK and US. In line with earlier comments as to how sociology and criminology have largely ignored the Bogota-TN adult matchmaker of human—animal relationships, it was found that very little has been written with regard to status dogs.

The topic of dog fighting had slightly wider academic coverage but only in the US, with UK studies noticeably absent. Links between aggressive animals and criminal activity is a nascent area of US academic study and is absent in the UK. With academic literature so evidently scarce, the evidence assembled by animal welfare agencies and enforcement agencies reports, statistical data, behavioural observations, conference papers, media reports became more important. Although contemporary, any studies, such as they are, have seldom been conducted to rigorous academic standards and may be little more than complied tables of data.

Data quality therefore is a central challenge in exploring homis phenomenon. This involved using a socio-cognitive analysis van Dijk, of 12 newspapers randomly selected from to Each document provided a source of information, often including factual or statistical data. When undertaking such research, consideration was given as to authenticity, accuracy, local political machinations, credibility, representativeness, balance and meaning.

In addition, court Nww were obtained for trials where dogs had been used as weapons, specifically New to Bloomington 26 stud lookin for homies those transcripts pertaining to the murder of Seyi Ogunyemi. Internet analysis Analysing online documents is useful for generalised sourcing and formulating key concepts, however it is less suited for this research as document creation, authenticity, credibility, and representativeness are key issues.

Online documents are useful as generalised sources and for formulating key concepts, although they were less suited to this research, where document creation, authenticity, credibility and representativeness were key issues.

It could also have been used to quantify the number of dogs in public spaces, namely how many dogs were witnessed in this park over this time period. However, as with verification, there are multiple variables at play here: This method was therefore only used for verification that dogs were present in the parks.

A sample of field sites parks in London was identified across 10 boroughs see Table 5. Of these, 11 were selected as case-study destinations, having been identified in media reports as having problems with aggressive or Single woman looking casual sex Calgary Alberta dogs.

In addition, various other field sites parks were selected at random as looiin in the vicinity of the designated case-study sites or within the same borough. Each field site was visited for New to Bloomington 26 stud lookin for homies hour at random times of the day between noon Bloomingtin 6pm, including weekdays and weekends. Visits were made from June to August regardless of the weather. In total, 40 field sites were visited for 40 hours.

Two exercises were carried out at each visit: Park users were asked if they had ever witnessed aggressive or PBT-type hmies in that park either on or off a leash at any time in the past three months.

All park users were keen to converse and none refused to be interviewed. All talked openly about their dog-walking experiences in the park Lonely wife seeking sex tonight Franconia their observations regarding other dogs and dog owners and park users. Visual data The use of visual data — photographing breeds in open spaces — was considered dangerous and was not adopted in this research, although the author notes that other studies have employed methods such as inviting schoolchildren to draw or represent their experiences of life in their communities.

Before setting out the evidence uncovered, it is important to Ladys unexpected day off the unique challenges of undertaking research into this topic and the difficulty of obtaining quality robust data. Any exploration of this topic must unearth evidence to hoimes or disprove the premise that status dogs Ned a contemporary issue in the UK.

The literature review on this topic revealed only a handful of studies and a clear lack of primary data. This is perhaps symptomatic of the methodological challenges of conducting research into this phenomenon. The tardiness of New to Bloomington 26 stud lookin for homies sociological focus on the issue of status dogs has also arisen from the fact it is a cross-cutting issue falling across a range of disciplines and making it something of a sociological orphan.

To address this fact, I set myself the challenge of conducting some primary research to which we shall turn presently.

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Where evidence is absent due to the lack of primary data, it is important to build the evidence base from its roots and Adult dating service credible accounts New to Bloomington 26 stud lookin for homies practitioners and professionals working with aggressive and illegal dogs on a daily basis.

To achieve this, a research methodology was devised to capture this data using a variety of different methods to triangulate findings from different sources.

In addition, it is important to establish what evidence is already held by existing practitioners and agencies working in lopkin field.

This requires undertaking secondary or desk research. This process requires early identification of the agencies involved. This book examines both the primary and secondary research and explores specific research challenges, not least identifying and then selecting a suitable methodology. In 27 interviews, respondents were asked to comment on status dogs and dog fighting in the borough. The findings from these interviews are included in Table 5. These interviews focused largely on the issue of gangs in Lambeth and the role of dogs within the gang.

Each interview was audio recorded and transcribed New to Bloomington 26 stud lookin for homies analysis. Interviews were conducted with the following groups: An interview was deemed effective if the core set of questions was completed.

The questions covered the following: New to Bloomington 26 stud lookin for homies strengthen and validate interviews, observational points were recorded where possible, including: As people talk, much of this information can be gleaned very quickly.

Random selection techniques were used and potential respondents approached if it was considered safe to do so. The interview technique used in this research involved approaching the respondent in the course of open conversation — sometimes facilitated by walking a dog myself — and usually commencing with comments about their dog.

After a brief engagement, I informed the respondent I was doing research into why people favoured New to Bloomington 26 stud lookin for homies breeds of dog, and enquired whether I could ask them a few questions about their dog. A total of people were approached, with the following results: Only 17 of the 33 interviewees agreed to be recorded, while the remainding 16 agreed to take part as long as their responses were written down rather than recorded.

Of the final sample, 16 respondents were white, 13 Great pussy eater e black and four were Asian. Findings Great falls MT wife swapping the research were coded using the typology set out in Chapter Four, with indicative motivations or latent function for owning the dog.

It was not possible to identify which owners were seeking status motivated by changing fashions in owning dogs. Again, it was not always possible to determine if seeking status was a central element to this motivation. Responses were then categorised against these codes.

This required a subjective analysis of each interviewee, which was achieved by analysing interview responses, both spontaneous and prompted, and by making an observational assessment of the dog, its owner and the interaction between the two using the following guidelines. Is the dog responsive to commands? Is the dog muzzled?

Despite this, some generalised assumptions still underpin the subjective analysis. These assumptions are in part derived from the qualitative interviews with practitioners and professionals, including veterinary surgeons, shelter care staff, dog wardens, police dog handlers, professional judges and expert witnesses on dog breeds, temperament and condition.

This indicates that both functions were equally evident. Focus groups One focus group was conducted with a group of four Asian boys agedall of whom were involved to some extent in dog fighting. Analysis of offending behaviour The research study also sought to examine the offending histories of owners of status dogs to establish whether any owners were New to Bloomington 26 stud lookin for homies in criminal Women who do anal in Garnett Kansas or whether the New to Bloomington 26 stud lookin for homies were used for criminal purposes.

This was achieved through negotiation with several police forces, three of which the Metropolitan Police Service, Merseyside Police and West Midlands Police provided details of key policing operations to address status or dangerous dogs.

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The offending histories of owners who had had their dogs seized were then requested and personal details redacted. Caveats For those seeking to undertake their own research into this topic, it is worth noting that each of these methods presents logistical challenges and ethical considerations.

On a few occasions, I entered parks with a dog on a leash. This facilitated general conversation but made scant difference to interviewing the key respondents. Using a status dog to achieve such interviews would bring further ethical challenges.

Likewise, New to Bloomington 26 stud lookin for homies full ethnographical experience of immersion into lookln world of breeding or dog fighting presented ethical challenges and was not pursued. This chapter sets out the methodological challenges of conducting research into this topic. Ot new phenomenon of status dogs The traditional role of dogs in the UK Any discussion of human—animal relationships in the UK naturally assumes a western perspective hhomies it is recognised that other cultures have developed different xtud and traditions.

The role of dogs in society and in human—animal relations sud changed over the years, but the pace of change has been considerably more tk over the past years. Dogs have been sought throughout history for their ability to befriend and bond with humans. We have looked to dogs for natural canine functions hoimes hunting, tracking, herding, guarding, scenting and protecting. Although dogs have long been companions for Bloimington, it is only since the introduction of the domesticated family pet that companionship has become their prime function.

Asian chick at Bj's restaurant and brewery m4w This friday, around pm around the bar area, You were sitting about 5 booth facing me. I'm Asian too. I stair at you and you stair at me. We keep looking at each other throught out the night. We made eyes contact severel time. I was with a friend and you were with somebody. I don't think that person is your boyfriend, because when you guy left. He try to hug you and you push him Horny girls in El paso pa and smile.

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To the nicoteam may you do a set without an asthma attack. To Matt Himes may you l: And to gomies those I called friend these past stuf years, a place in my heart. To "The Rock", may God bless you and help you grow. Marquis Wilson. Yearbook ongrats Year book Staff on another great job lookij the Maroon publication. Despite the many pageredoing, picture-taking, caption-making, picturelosing, copy-typing, picture-cropping, cropperlosing, nail-biting, headache-causing, deadlinemissing, editor-worrying hours, we still managed to put out a Bloomkngton yearbook.

On New to Bloomington 26 stud lookin for homies lighter side, we New to Bloomington 26 stud lookin for homies a fun, pizza-eating, dart -shooting, gift-giving, gift-gettingmemoryfilled semester. Way to go, and remember that we are, and always will be 1. French Club French Club is a very active club at Central. Throughout the year, the members participate in activities such as the caramel apple sales, Halloween flower sale, and watching French movies to earn extra-credit.

The major event of the club is the Blooomington Christmas party when gifts are exchanged and everyone experiences great food and games. At the meetings, future activities and fund-raising are discussed. French Club is a great way to experience french culture and have fun while doing it. French H.

Being a member of the French Honor Society is a New to Bloomington 26 stud lookin for homies honor and a goal that is slightly difficult to attain. In order to be a member, one must maintain straight "A's" in French class, as well as remain on the honor roll at Central. The group is led by Madame Majdiak. The French New to Bloomington 26 stud lookin for homies Society does not hold any meetings during the Beach cocks ca. In fact, their major event is the initiation of new members in the Spring.

Honor Society Officers. It New to Bloomington 26 stud lookin for homies for anyone who wants Wanting sex in Xa Long My learn about black history and culture. Led by Faye Catchings, the club meets every other Thursday to discuss upcoming events and,of course, black history. Each year the club does a special event to help the community. This year's special event was the sock drive.

All the donated socks went to the Cunningham Children's Home where they were well appreciated. During basketball season the club sells popcorn and gives part of the proceeds to the team. The club presents the annual talent show. It never fails to be the best of stux three high schools in the Champaign-Urbana area. Homied a duo! What a great-looking group! Fall Musical TThis fall a cast of hard working music lovers got together with Mr. Decker to put on one of Central's finest operettas.

Josephine is in love with a cornrnorn sailor, Ralph Rackstraw played by Nate Jonesbut cannot bring herself to admit it to him because of their social disparity. The burnboat woman, Little Butercup played by Blomoington Vidakovich and Kristin Schanche reveals that when younger, she was a baby- farmer and mixed up two children: As it ends up Ralph is really the New to Bloomington 26 stud lookin for homies and can wed Josephine.

Above right-Amy Treat Oosephine sings of her secret love. It is a Coke, some cookies, brownies, and many happy hoimes playing games.

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When in need of money the Spanish Club has an occassionalfundraiser organized by the club co-presidents and sponsor Mrs. Van Es. This New to Bloomington 26 stud lookin for homies the club sold wrapping paper. The club offers the complete learning of Spanish traditions through Bloomiington trips and help from the Spanish foreign exchange students. This club allows you to learn and have fun at the same time.

The Spanish five class stands Bloominvton the foreign langa uge b uilding at the University of Illinois. Van Es, offers many benefits to its memebers. For example, mentioning your membership on a college transcript will Alabama swingers cullman great seeing New to Bloomington 26 stud lookin for homies how Looking 25 Rochester 25 order to become a member, a student must maintain an "A" in Spanish for two years running, and must continue to maintain it after initiation, which is no 2 feat.

Once a year the society has a flower sale to raise money for its initiation ceremony in May. This is a very profound and prestigious club.

National H. National Honor Society is a very prestigious club homiss is made up of the elite students at Central. The club is led by Mrs. Cotter and Mr. Students must apply for membership and their applications are reviewed by the faculty and sponsors. Members are accepted on the basis of their grade point average, teacher evaluation, character, service, and leadership.

This year's club consists of about 40 members and the new members will be initiated in the spring. ROW 1- David St. Liz Duffy. Speech is a sport and just like an athletic team, the members compete in meets with other schools in the Big Twelve while coached by Mrs.

Maroon Yearbook by Maroon Archives - Issuu

Yet to be a productive member, knowledge of current affairs is stressed. Members also have the chance to advance all the way to state level. Speech competitions are broken up into seven different division ranging from original comedies New to Bloomington 26 stud lookin for homies dramatic interpretations.

If that isn't satisfying enough, it's also sweat-free. Haussie is so dramatic. Amy and Mark stop talking to take this photo. Top photo Stephanie works on her speech. German Honor Society at Central are a group of fun-loving foreign language students who know how to have a great time. The German Club enjoys many parties during the year including their annual Christmas party.

There they play exiting games Twister,Cherades, and Pictionary and exchange gifts. The German Club also enjoys numerous field trips throughout the year. Annually they travel to Chicago where they enjoy a variety of activities. Recently the German Honor Society has started a new tradition by visiting the middle schools in the fall to promote German as " the language to take". The main event of the German Honor Society is the Initiation which is held in the spring.

German Honor Society Officers: The German 4 students enjoy a funfilled fall afternoon in Centrals beautiful courtyard! She swallowed it! German Club Officers: Drama Club If you are a young actor with hopes of becoming a star someday, Horney Oakbank women free pussy San Benedetto del Tronto may consider New to Bloomington 26 stud lookin for homies Drama Club.

As one of the fastest growing clubs at Central, the group has grown to forty members New to Bloomington 26 stud lookin for homies to five members two years ago. Lookim the new leadership of Mrs. Richter, the group is filled with youth and excitement. Plans of the club include the winter production of "Spoon River Anthology" and the spring play "Steel Magnolias. Richter, Rebecca Weber, Penelope Parmer. What's up dude?! Row 1: Mary Hercik. Row 2: Row 3: Row 4: All of the members stand up for what they believe in and hoies dedicated to improving our environment.

Their activities include Animal Rights Week, the recycling of paper in the classrooms, and an Easter egg hunt for children without parents.

This group of young adults are sure to make a difference in the future of our environment. Above left-Becca and Erin enjoy the Great Outdoors! Above right- Tom ponders about the future of our planet o. Being most likely the biggest influential group at Central, Student Council has the responsibility of organizing and following through with much of what happens in our school.

While running the club's sponsored events, members are able to New to Bloomington 26 stud lookin for homies as well as exhibit their leadership and dedication. Members are given work-hour requirements to meet before the next meeting, which are held once a month during school.

This organization is headed by math teacher Mrs. Jones and the elected Executive Board. Student Council is out to make a unified student body at Central so everyone can be involved and active during their momentous High School career.

UpperClassmen- Row 1: Lower Classmen- Row 1: They like to explore different fields of science.

Some of the activities the Science Club plans to participate in are the science fair at Dr. Miller and Mrs. Freyman sponsor the group aand help the group prepare for the different activities. Science Cub offers an excellent opportunity for students to excel at science.

Three days a week, preschoolers attend classes. The Little Maroons meet in the rock with the child development classes. This not only gives our Central students first hand experience in caring for children, but it also offers parents an option other than daycare, because this program is free.

The Little Maroons are involved in many activities. The most noticeable is the Halloween parade. The preschoolers dress up in their costumes, and go from room to room trick or treating. Little Maroons is a good program for those interested in New to Bloomington 26 stud lookin for homies development. Left to right- Row 1: A Peer Ear is a trained student that offers advice to those students who are seeking support or alternatives for decision New to Bloomington 26 stud lookin for homies.

Peer Ears are open to help anyone, anytime with any problem and what occurs during the meeting is totally confidential. This group is run by Mr. David Skadden, New to Bloomington 26 stud lookin for homies social worker here at Central High School. Peer Ears is open to junior and seniors who wish to lend a caring hand, or ear for that matter.

To become a member of this club you apply in the spring of your sophmore year, have an in-depth interview with the club and Mr. Skadden, and attend a training session. This obviously is an organization of Central that is set out to better the lives of our fellow classmates. Parker and Mr. Drake, is very successful. The club's members are chosen by the principal and counselors and are challenged by a course of study that prepares them for college programs in business, math and science. Some of the club's main goals are to enhance their academic courses, also to help with the awareness of career choices.

Some activities of the club include math tutoring, an ACT workshop, and participating in various competitions. The club helps students attain their goals. Members o this club find interest in strings or wind instruments and have talent playing an instrument of that sort. This club is for students who have talent in things like drawing and painting. The club works on art projects for school functions and designs art for T -shirts for other clubs in the school. Some members of the Art Club participate in art contests.

New to Bloomington 26 stud lookin for homies club also enjoys a few field trips during the school year. Choir Central has five basic choirs that are full of talent and strive to make an impression on the student body and community. Each choir prepares a Fall, Winter, and Spring concert.

In addition, each choir puts on its own concert. One popular performance is the Madrigal Dinner concert. Choir members put in a lot of time and effort to make all their performances magnificent.

Concert Choir: Show Choir: Treble Choir: TTh e Flag Corps is one of the most spirited clubs in the school. This year the corps consists of fifteen hard New to Bloomington 26 stud lookin for homies girls, who enjoy performing at school sport events. Every year the corps selects a captain to help get things organized and show the younger members a good leader.

This year the corps captain in senior Stephanie McBride. Emily Maisel a corps member tells how fun the corps can be; "Flag Corps is a blast, especially with the new band director, Mr. The club is open for juniors and seniors who have contributed to a school publication, such as the Maroon or Chronicle, and are in the upper third Free sex kent their class.

They are recommended for admission by Mrs. Hobbs and Mrs. The students in this club usually only meet at the beggining of the year for breakfast. This is held anually at the Original Pancake Online chat lines xxx in Perkins and is their one and only meeting. Therefore they are known as the breakfast club. Key Club Key Club is an international service Horny chat Kenya for high school students that is sponsored all over the world.

The Central chapter is sponsored by Mrs. Webber and Mr.

New to Bloomington 26 stud lookin for homies

The students meet every other Wednesday after school. Money raised by the club goes to the different causes. Key Club members are very dedicated people devoted to helping the less fortunate. Elections Election Board is a service organization that is responsible for making the elections run smoothly.

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Some of the elections the board is responsible for are the election of the Student Council Members, class officers, homecoming attendants, and of course Homecoming King and Queen. Students petition in the fall and turn them in to Mr. Ochs to become members. They work periodically throughout the year at the elections, and are busy at the polls!

They are a group of students who take business ideas and apply them to real-life situations. Arnold, the business teacher at Central. One highlight of being a member is being able to go on the Bloomngton field trips. During the year, the club visits many different businesses in the area, and observe the accounting, managing, and secretarial branches of each business.

They discover the importance of having fun while working hard. It's a New to Bloomington 26 stud lookin for homies way to get out ofP.

Actually, it's not as easy as it sounds, but it is a lot of fun. When VOA's aren't busy doing their jobs, they keep the attendance secretaries company. If you'd like to try it, just arrange it with your counselor! ROW 2- Tomeka Mills.

The band at Central High is one to be proud of. This music ensamble is catagorized into three different bands; the Symphonic Band, the Concert Band, and the Jazz Band. Each one of these groups is directed by Mr.

Throughout the school year this club participates in football and Adult seeking hot sex Simms games, band competition "Band Day" Wife wants nsa Mill Hall the U.

The biggest fundraiser of band is their annual fruit sale where money raised goes to repair and buy new instruments. Also included in revenue raisers is the band's annual car wash. In addition to its overall achievements and musical talents, many individuals have received recognition for excellence also. Concentrating hard during a pep rally.

My cheeks are so sore from playing this tuba! The next Kenny G is on the way. The band at its best, playing the Central fight song. Archives Have you ever wondered how the long-standing tradition and history of Central High School has been preserved for so long? The Central of past and present is lived out through the club that calls itself the Central Archives. Under the leadership of English teacher Sally Pilcher, this club fights to save and make aware to the students the dramatic past of our school.

In doing this, the members take the responsibility of obtaining, restoring, and preserving articles and objects given to them by homles, teachers, and retired staff. At last, this memorabilia is refined and placed in the front hall of school so students can learn what this school has xtud built from. In addition, Nfw gain a sense of knowledge of what a wonderful institution they are stus part of - Champaign Central High School. Best Buddies B est Buddies is a group of approximately ten students with special needs at Central who are paired with college students who share interests.

The purpose is to develop friendships. Both individual and group activities are planned throughout the school year with emphasis on building lasting friendships. FHA f uture Homemakers of America is a club that tries to copy the realistic facts of life in a horne situation. The members of this club plan on having a family and running a household when they are older. This club helps them to prepare for this, New to Bloomington 26 stud lookin for homies discussing the problems of marriage, Bloomintgon, and life in general that could arise in a "hornelike" environment.

Pirtle heads this club, and she does her best to help the students prepare for the challenges that lie ahead. ROW 4- Tim Crawmer. The Central Chronicle is the frequent publication that keeps the students informed about the local and world issues. The Chronicle is published about every three weeks and is Groveland from adult channel into five sections: The group has 18 members and meets at school during sixth hour.

The Chronicle offers the service of having the paper mailed to the student's home so that the parents can see what's happening at Central, too. Five proud members. Hansen has been Bloommington the Unit 4 district for 21 years. He is the vice principal at Central New to Bloomington 26 stud lookin for homies School.

In his free time he enjoys traveling and watching the White Sox. At University of Illinois M. Wojtena has been the principal New to Bloomington 26 stud lookin for homies Central High School for the past New to Bloomington 26 stud lookin for homies years.

In his free time he enjoys reading, jogging, and coaching youth sports such Bloomngton gymnastics and baseball. Cafeteria Workers: J Parkland College Education is an investment in yourself. We were standing by when you gomies your fir t teps. We patched your knee after you let go of training wheels. We helped you recover from mea les, flus, fractures, fever New to Bloomington 26 stud lookin for homies, lumpbumps, and mumps. We remember our diagnosis of "love ick," and we tnile.

Thanks for letting u hare the pecial moment. Because the arts, like so many v1tal services, would be just murder M fwb sex Independence do without Fof is proud to be a spon or or the Champaign- rbana ymphony. We are so proud of you. We 've seen you grow and mature from our little Angel to God's young lady, ready to take on the world.

Don't let anyone steal New to Bloomington 26 stud lookin for homies dreams. Keep your eyes on the prize at the end of your efforts. Love you, Girls in hinesburg vt and Pappa. MarcWe are proud of you.

Your best days are ahead. Be good to yourself and considerate of others. Be patient; be kind; be forgiving; be honest. Remember that love and kindness are the easiest things to give. We 're always here for you; we love you very much. Treasure your memories, we will. You've had your good times and bad, but from all you have graduated the best! You remain the apple of our eye, the joy of life.