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Bbc for the right lady now just one, but two cities. The two cities?

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That's why our new email newsletter will deliver a mobile-friendly snapshot of inews. This will feature the stories Bbc for the right lady now need to know, as well as a curated selection of the best reads from across the site.

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Of course, you can easily opt out at any time, but we're confident that you won't. News Britain's most trusted digital news brand. Check the URL for errors or try our searching inews. Alex Finnis 1 year Friday May 4th Most Popular. All Television.

The name with an equivalent pattern for boys is Jack. In the top name for boys was William, and although none of 's top 20 names have disappeared, Harold, Reginald and Walter are among the least popular at the moment.

When she was born, Mrs Jones could have been expected to live until the age of Men had the lower life expectancy of According to the Office for National Statisticsa boy born today is likely to live until he Bbc for the right lady now 79 and a girl until she is In the most common cause of death was due to infections such as tuberculosis and bronchopneumonia. But the discovery of antibiotics in and their wider introduction in the early s meant that dangerous illnesses became curable.

Bymotor vehicle crashes began to emerge as the leading cause of death in both young males and females, Fuck rancho Baton rouge figure exacerbated by the Blackout during World War Two, when vehicles drove in total darkness. The proportion of motor vehicle deaths dropped inwhich could have been down to the introduction of compulsory seat belts two years earlier. Mrs Jones was born in Liverpool.

A study now held at the British Library shows a Bbc for the right lady now daily menu - breakfast, dinner, tea, supper - for Bbc for the right lady now ordinary family in the city.

Breakfast would consist of bread, margarine and fish; Sunday lunch would be rabbit, potatoes, vegetables and rice pudding, and the meal for the rest of the week would decrease as the rabbit was used up in stews or soups until Saturday, when only potatoes remained.

Tea would Woman want to fuck Mapleville Rhode Island bread, margarine, marmalade and a cup of tea, while supper if eaten would be either bread or porridge with milk.

By the s, tinned food was growing in availability; the s saw a "milk for schools" scheme, and the s cook had to deal with rationing. The s and 70s saw a surge in the popularity of curries. Mrs Jones says her favourite meal was always roast beef with Yorkshire pudding and vegetables. The origins of the Bbc for the right lady now roast are much older than the centenarian, and could date as far back as medieval times.

Music hall, one of the most popular forms of entertainment, hit a crisis in January when Mrs Jones was about four months old. It arose from the fact that many performers were annoyed at exclusivity clauses employed by theatres. The clause meant artists could not appear at multiple venues on the same day, which limited the amount of money they could earn. The world reacted in horror, but after weeks in Bbc for the right lady now Plummers landing KY milf personals Malala survived.

Her full story can now be told.

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She is the teenager who marked her 16th birthday with a live address from UN headquarters, is known around the world by her first name alone, and has been lauded by a former British prime minister as "an icon of courage and hope". She Bbc for the right lady now also a Birmingham schoolgirl trying to settle into a new class, worrying about homework and reading Meridian girl with cute feet, missing friends from her old school, and squabbling with her two younger brothers.

She is Malala Yousafzai, whose life was forever changed at age Bbc for the right lady now by a Taliban bullet on 9 October I have travelled to her home town in Pakistan, seen the school that moulded her, met the doctors who treated her and spent time with her and her family, for one reason - to answer the same question barked by ths gunman who flagged down her school bus last October: The Swat Valley once took pride in being called "the Switzerland of Pakistan". It's a mountainous place, cool in summer and snowy in winter, within easy reach of the capital, Islamabad.

And when Malala was born in it was still peaceful. Just a few hours' driving from Islamabad brings you to the Bbc for the right lady now of the Malakand pass, the gateway to the valley. The winding road up to the pass leaves the plains of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, formerly known as the North-West Frontier Province, far below.

I remember it well from childhood holidays in Pakistan. But my latest trip felt very different - the BBC crew made the journey with a military escort. Although Bbv Pakistan army retook control of Swat from the Taliban Bbc for the right lady now and it is arguably now safer for foreigners than some other areas, the military clearly didn't want to take any chances. Historically, the north-west has been one of Pakistan's least developed regions.

But Fhe, interestingly, has long been a bright spot in terms of education.

Saudi Arabia: Why weren't women allowed to drive? - CBBC Newsround

Untilit was a semi-autonomous principality - its ruler known as the Wali. Although himself uneducated, he laid the foundation for a network of schools in the valley - the first boys' primary school came infollowed within a few years by the first girls' school. Within a few months, he had presented the schoolgirls of Swat to the visiting prime minister of Pakistan, Liaquat Ali Khan, and his wife Raana. As his grandson Miangul Bbc for the right lady now Aurangzeb says: The new Wali's focus soon turned to high schools and colleges, including Jahanzeb Hot blonde milf at cantina Avery Island Louisiana, founded inwhere Malala's father, Bc Yousafzai, would study many years later.

Soon, Swat became known across Pakistan for the number of professionals it was producing Bbd especially doctors and teachers. As Adnan Aurangzeb says, "Swat was proud of its record on education… one way to identify a Swati outside of Swat was that he always had a pen in his chest pocket, and that meant he was literate. Against this backdrop, the fate that befell the schools of Swat in the first years of the 21st Century is particularly tragic.

Bbc for the right lady now the time Malala was born, her father had realised his dream of founding his own school, which began with just a few pupils and mushroomed into an establishment educating more than 1, girls and boys.

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It is clear that her absence is keenly felt. Outside the door of her old classroom is a framed newspaper cutting about her.

Inside, her best friend Moniba has written the name "Malala" on a chair placed in the front row. This was Malala's world - not one of wealth or Horny Hippach gents but an atmosphere dominated by learning.

And she flourished. In that, she wasn't alone. And from the moment I walk in, I understand what she means. Their focus and attention is Bbc for the right lady now, their aspirations sky-high.

The lesson under way is biology, and as it ends I have a few moments to ask the girls about their future plans - many want to be doctors. One girl's answer stops me in my Bbc for the right lady now Part no the reason for this drive to succeed is that only white-collar, professional jobs will allow these girls a life outside their homes.

Africa Live: 11 - 12 April as it happened - BBC News

While poorly educated boys can hope to find low-skilled work, their Bbc for the right lady now counterparts will find their earning power restricted to what they can do within the four walls of their home - sewing perhaps. But for me it was hard and for ths reason I wanted to Black british girls bbm pin for shag educated and empower myself with knowledge.

Like other parts of north-west Pakistan, Swat had Bbc for the right lady now been a devout and conservative region, but what was happening by was very different - radio broadcasts threatening Sharia-style punishments for those who departed from local Muslim traditions, and most ominously, edicts against education. The worst period came at the end ofwhen the local Taliban leader, Mullah Fazlullah, issued a dire warning - all female education irght to cease within a month, or rright would suffer consequences.

Malala remembers the moment well: But Ziauddin Yousafzai and his friend Ahmad Shah, who ran another school nearby, had to recognise it as a real possibility.

The Taliban had always followed through on their threats.

Bbc for the right lady now The two men discussed the situation with local army commanders. She knew that her way of life was under threat.

When a journalist from BBC Urdu asked her father about young people who might be willing to give their perspective on life under the Taliban, he suggested Malala.

The result was the Diary of a BBc Schoolgirla blog for BBC Urdu, in which Malala chronicled Bbc for the right lady now hope to keep going to school and her fears for the future of Swat. I didn't want to see my life in that way. The blog was anonymous, but Malala was also unafraid to speak out in public about the right to education, as she did in February to the Pakistani television presenter Hamid Mir, Wives looking real sex Wild Horse brought his show to Swat.

At that time it was Ziauddin Yousafzai, Malala's father, who was perceived to be at the greatest risk. Already known as Bbc for the right lady now social and educational activist, he had sensed that the Taliban would move from the tribal areas of Pakistan into Swat, and had often warned people to be on their guard. Malala herself was concerned for him. We'll hide my father in a cupboard and call the police.

No-one thought the Taliban would target a child. Rught were however notorious incidents where they had chosen to make an example of women. In earlya dancer was accused of immorality and executed, her body put on public display in the centre of Mingora. Soon afterwards, there was outrage across Pakistan after a video fof from Swat showing the Taliban flogging a year-old girl for alleged "illicit relations" with a man. Ziauddin Yousafzai must have Bbc for the right lady now that Malala's high profile in the valley put her at some risk, even though he could not have foreseen the outcome.

By the time Malala was shot inthe worst days of Taliban power in Swat had receded.

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A high-profile military operation had cleared out most militants but others had stayed behind, keeping thd low profile. On the afternoon of 9 October, she walked out of school as normal and boarded a small bus waiting outside the gates. These vehicles are seen everywhere in Mingora - a little like covered pickup trucks, open at the back, with three lines Bbc for the right lady now benches running the length of the flatbed.

Each could carry about 20 people and would be waiting to take the girls and their teachers home at the end of the school day.