Reiki Healing Session
Client wears comfortable clothing and relaxes on a massage table or, if needed, a chair. Reiki is offered through a light, non-invasive touch or with the practitioner’s hands hovering above the skin if no touch is desired. Soothing music plays and the energy is relaxing and healing.
1 hour session ~ $80

What is Reiki?
Reiki, pronounced Ray Kee, is a holistic healing modality. Safe, gentle, and nonintrusive, it helps bring balance and healing in all areas: mind, body and spirit. This Japanese practice combines the higher wisdom of the Universe with the life force energy that flows through every single thing. Dr. Mikao Usui, a Japanese Buddhist priest, developed Reiki. This healing energy flows through the practitioner to the client. A Reiki session is relaxing, allowing the client’s own innate healing energies to work for the greater good.


Holland Hawkins

Licensed Master Esthetician,
& Reiki Practitioner

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Karen Davis King

Dance Instructor & Reiki Practitioner

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