Swedish Massage

This relaxing massage soothes aches, pains, reduces stress and creates an overall feeling of well-being. Pre-Natal included.
30 mins ~ $70 | 60 mins ~ $90 | 90 mins ~ $130

Custom Massage/Deep Tissue
A therapeutic massage incorporating deep tissue and trigger point therapy to reduce scar tissue that resides deep in the muscles, tendons and ligaments which lessens pain and improves movement. Pre-natal included.
30 mins ~ $75 | 60 mins ~ $110 | 90 mins ~ $145

Myofascial Release
MFR is a warming of the fascia to release muscular shortness with a slow low pressure massage to facilitate fluidity of the tissue. Conditions that benefit from this therapy are: Fibromyalgia, TMJ disorder, carpal tunnel syndrome, migraine headaches, muscle and joint pain.
60 mins ~ $105 | 90 mins ~ $150

Lymphatic Drainage
This profound technique enhances immune function and increases lymph node flow. It is used to treat lymphedema and remove waste products from the body.
60 mins ~ $105 | 90 mins ~ $150

Craniosacral Therapy
Using extremely soft touch, the therapist releases deep tensions held in the body to relieve pain and improve fluid motion. Finding the rhythm of the cerebrospinal fluid, the therapist can release restrictions in tissues that influence the craniosacral system
60 mins ~ $90 | 90 mins ~ $135

Add On to any Massage ~ Foot Scrub ~ $30
Your choice of a JewelScent sugar scrub for a great exfoliation and additional massage for full feet relaxation!


Lucille Ball

The Holistic Healing Arts has been a passion for Lucille since completing her Reiki Level II in 1995. She graduated from The Shenandoah Valley School of Therapeutic Massage in Edinburg VA in 2009 at the top of her class. There she learned Swedish Massage, Myofasical Release, Deep Tissue, Oriental Massage and Energy Healing. Since then, Lucille has enhanced her practice with the modalities of Lymphatic Drainage, Craniosacral Therapy, Prenatal Massage, Chakra Balancing and Energy Healing. Her philosophy is to encourage her client’s being (body, mind & spirit) into a deeply relaxed state where healing can occur.