Dance with your Dark Side

When: August 7, 2018, 7pm-9pm

Where: The Spa (24 S 2nd Street, Warrenton, VA 20186)

What: Feeling stuck in negative emotional patterns of fear, shame, judgment, disgust, etc? Tired of letting your stress, trauma, negative thought patterns and societal conditioning rule your life? Then, this event is for YOU.

We all have a dark side. Most of us learned in childhood to abandon certain parts of our natural essence in order to fit in to our environment, family of origin or society. We may have been punished or shamed for being or modeling something that made others uncomfortable and we received the unspoken message: “You can’t be whole and exist in this culture.”

And those lost parts of ourselves were replaced with new identities or negative emotional patterns to help us cope. They may have helped us for a time, but many of them are no longer serving us and are instead causing us to stay stuck in negative patterns or causing us pain.

It’s time to give those darker parts a seat at your table and explore ways they can take on new, more helpful roles in our lives. There is no need to keep fighting them or ignoring their existence – that only gives them more power.

This work is about EMPOWERMENT, using deep practices that help you to bridge the dark and the light into an existence of greater wholeness.

About your facilitator: Karen Davis King has certifications in Mind/Body Eating Psychology Coaching, Sexuality, Love and Relationship Coaching and also in Reiki healing and fitness/dance classes She brings a tremendous amount of passion, energy and love into the space to create the highest levels of healing and growth for her clients while doing so with a fun, light-hearted approach.

Cost of this 2-hour workshop is $45. Light snacks and water will be provided. Please wear something comfortable and bring a journal.

To register, use the PayPal option below or call Soothing Light Spa – 540.347.0063